Evergreens Group

  • The group was set up as a social gathering for the elderly
  • The group meets on the second Tuesday afternoon of each month at St. John's Church, Staplegrove
  • There are a range of speakers on a wide variety of subjects, together with a monthly raffle to provide funds
  • Members enjoy chatting over a cup of tea
  • Due to the age of members of the group, mobility is an ever increasing problem, any offers of help with transport are greatly appreciated
  • Please note that the monthly coffee mornings have been discontinued, but other events may be organised from time to time
  • For further details about joining the Evergreens or to offer transport, please use the Contact Form

Future dates for your 'Evergreens' Diary

  • 'Bats', a taik by Edward Wells, a member of the Somerset Bat Group on Tuesday 12th February at 2.45 pm in Church